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Are you tired of the conventional hassles and high costs associated with lead generation and qualification? Does the very thought of onboarding a qualified sales representative fill you with dread, knowing it could take weeks, sometimes even months? Businesses large and small often grapple with these challenges, but what if there was a tool designed to streamline these processes efficiently? Enter, a transformative Generative AI that is reshaping the world of sales automation.

Revolutionizing Lead Generation: A Case Study of a Property Rental company

To understand’s impact, let’s delve into how it redefined the lead qualification process for a property rental company, resulting in 4X sales efficiency and improved conversion rate.

This company experienced the quintessential dilemma – scaling up sales efforts while managing costs and efficiency. They sought a solution that wouldn’t just save money, but maintain their high conversion rates. With, they achieved just that, and here’s how:

1. Assets began by incorporating the company’s critical assets: their website, which hosted rental listings, and their documents outlining business processes such as credit checks and application procedures. This contextual groundwork laid by meant the AI understood what information was necessary and relevant for interacting with potential customers.

2. Instruction

Similar to how one would meticulously plan when delegating tasks to a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, entrusting tasks to artificial intelligence also necessitates careful crafting of detailed directions to ensure the AI accurately reflects your brand’s tone, protocols, and ethical norms. Precise instructions enhance the AI’s capability to adhere to these directives and truly embody the firm’s principles. With such strategic alignment in place, AI can integrate effortlessly with the human team, engaging with potential clients as effectively as a live representative.

3. Intelligent Tagging

One of the smartest features offered was its tagging system. By utilizing tags to organize and prioritize conversations—based on the level of interest and the business area— empowered the sales team to approach leads with precision. Creating tag with is easy, it only takes several sentences of description on the circumstance, the AI handles the rest. Those tags appear in FrontApp during the conversation, and administrator can easily navigate and search to find conversations of the interest. 

4. Process

Integrating into existing sales process was a breeze. The AI worked hand in hand with the human team, identifying moments when a handover to human intervention was necessary and labeling the conversation accordingly. By setting up systems like FrontApp, the AI facilitated a smooth transition of specific cases to the human team, maintaining the service quality without missing a beat.

5. Managing Corner Cases

Even with the most advanced AI, exceptions arise. This is where showcased its adaptability in two ways: by enriching the AI with additional context and through supplemental instructions. For example, when users inquired about “virtual tours,” a feature not originally anticipated, permitted quick adjustments, allowing the AI to provide precise responses tailored to this new request.

The results were staggering. With, the company has automated 80% of their lead traffic. The remaining 20%, earmarked as high value or complex, were escalated to the human team. This strategic deployment of resources ensured optimal efficiency while maintaining the quality of client engagements.

Result: A Leap Towards Sustainable Scaling

By leveraging, the company not only achieved a substantial cost reduction of over 50% but also attained the flexibility required for scaling their operations. This significant transformation demonstrates the potent combination of human creativity with AI proficiency – a formula for sustained success in the realm of sales.

In a domain where personalization, speed, and efficiency are crucial, stands out as an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to gain a competitive edge. Are you ready to experience the future of sales automation? is the gateway to a new era of streamlined sales processes, and it might just be the solution your business has been searching for. Embrace the change, automate with, and watch your sales soar.

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