Three Steps to Transform Your Email Management with

Are you and your team constantly drowning in a sea of emails? Being inundated with messages in multiple languages adds another layer of complexity, potentially capping your productivity and amplifying stress levels. Fret not, for there is a beacon of hope in the form of This cutting-edge business automation tool can not only help you manage your email deluge but can also potentially double your team’s productivity. Let’s see how the world-class e-commerce conglomerate, “GoodDeal,” reinvented their email productivity through’s three-step process.

Step 1: Intelligent Tags

In an environment where emails stream in from every corner of the globe, sorting and organizing conversations is paramount. simplifies this challenge through intelligent tagging. Users simply define the scenarios and let AI do the heavy lifting, assigning precise tags to incoming messages. This technology is language agnostic, which means that no matter the language of the email, it will accurately tag and route the messages to the correct teams. For a global player like GoodDeal, this feature alone significantly streamlines what was once a daunting task.

Step 2: Leveraging Assets

GoodDeal moves a staggering 400,000 SKUs each month, necessitating stringent procedures and processes. Integrating this essential information into informs the AI of the rules and processes, enabling it to serve customers and partners more effectively. By incorporating the operational knowledge,’s AI becomes an extension of GoodDeal, fortified with up-to-date and detailed insider information.

Step 3: Integration with Information Systems

A complex operations environment like GoodDeal’s involves multiple systems for product management, order processing, and shipping. The trove of critical data within these systems can be made accessible to through its “Smart Action” technology, provided they offer publicly accessible APIs. With its proprietary engine, the “tree of thoughts,” connects to various information sources, collecting pertinent details and crafting the optimal response. This ensures that all email communication is informed and accurate, further reducing the potential for error.

The transformative impact of on GoodDeal’s email management system is profound. By automating over 2,000 emails daily, it has halved the workload on human staff, who can now focus on improving vendor relations and addressing complex customer cases. does more than just manage emails — it unlocks a team’s potential to engage in higher-value interactions and strategic tasks.

Implementing could mark the end of email overwhelm for your team. By harnessing the power of AI for intelligent tagging, leveraging operational assets, and integrating with your core information systems, you’ll not only make your emails more manageable, but you could see a significant uptick in productivity. Isn’t it time you left the quagmire of endless email streams behind and propelled your team to new heights of efficiency with contact for demo. seamlessly integrates with FrontApp@, Gorgias@, Intercom@, Zendesk@ and Hubspot@.

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