The best Business Assistant in the market


Superior performance powered by proprietary I.C.E engine, partnered with GPT

Users of Aissistants achieve 80% accomplish rate across the board, normally 2X of the traditional products. Aissistant is built from scratch in Generative AI with proprietary I.C.E (Instruction, Context and Example) engine on top of GPT. We don't use any Intent, Rule or Flow, which is the source of limitation of legacy systems.

Extremely easy to use & maintain - just describe what you need and let AI handle the rest

Are you tired to build intents or flows which is extremely tedious to start with and difficult to maintain. With, you just describe what you desire and let AI handle it. It's that easy as it sounds! And it is more powerful and more robust than traditional AI systems.

Collaborate seamlessly with human team to form a hybrid force

Aissistant produces responses, draft, tags, summary and escalation note, all designed to collaborate closely with your human team, forming a hybrid workforce, on the same platform. There is no friction of onboarding Aissistant with huge productivity up gains.

Auto-escalate to human team - Responsible AI

Are you concerned about AI behaving improperly or missing important information? is designed with capbility to auto-detect the need of escalation and hand-over to human team smoothly

Deploy with trust and smooth transformation

  • We understand it could be a challenging journey to adopt AI, therefore we designed our platform to help you build the trust with steps of Start -> Auto Draft -> Auto Pilot to unleash the AI power in your business.

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