Build a hybrid team to unleash the growth potential of your business

Are you facing growth limitations due to manual processes in your sales and service teams? This is the primary challenge for fast growing SMBs. That’s why, partnered with OpenAI, are bringing you the best automation solutions to accelerate your growth and multiply your productivity, allowing your attention to remain centered on the core of your business.

Let’s explore how has helped Nubrakes enhance their sales lead funnel, achieving higher conversion rates and boosting productivity significantly. Nubrakes, a company offering mobile brake and vehicle repair services, has been experiencing swift expansion in both the variety of services and their geographic reach. Despite their success, scaling their sales and service team efficiently remains a significant hurdle. This led Nubrakes to partner with to optimize their sales lead process. fully integrates with FrontApp, the platform used by Nubrakes’ agents, replicating human-like interactions including drafting, responding, tagging, note-taking, and summarizing. This seamless integration allows the enhancement of existing workflows without any disruption.

Streamline sales funnel with automation

When a sales lead is received, the AI begins by diagnosing the problem, explaining the service, and addressing any customer inquiries. Once the issue is clarified, the AI hands it off to the human team, providing them with a summary and next steps, enabling them to quote a price and schedule the service. During this process, the AI collects comprehensive information submitted by user, service history if any, and relevant documents on targeted issues, ensuring a superior service quality. responds to customer inquiries within 10-20 seconds, significantly faster than the minutes typically required by human agents. This rapid response is vital for maintaining customer engagement from the outset.

At the point of handover from to the human team, the AI provides a detailed summary of the issues and questions raised by the customer, along with a list of suggested next actions, which simplifies the follow-up process.

Moreover, the Aissistant organizes the inbox by creating tags that help in filtering and searching relevant leads and generating reports effectively.

Additionally, Aissistant continuously learn from the live examples guided by human experts to perfect its capabilities towards the best performance.

Lastly, provides analytical insights generated by AI, identifying key topics of discussion, as well as positive and negative feedback, and suggesting business improvements based on user interactions.

Improved conversion rate and productivity

Only few weeks into collaboration, Nubrakes witnessed a 15% increase in conversion rates and a substantial improvement on efficiency, at accomplish rate of 97%, with only less than ~25% of traffic through AI, a proportion expected to grow in the subsequent weeks. Moreover, the agent team is so happy with the AI help that they requested increase of traffic to AI.

In summary, by partnering with and fostering a hybrid sales team enhanced with AI, Nubrakes has significantly improved its conversion rates and productivity by:

  1. Automating sales lead qualification, initiating problem diagnosis, and nurturing customers up to the pricing and scheduling stages;
  2. Seamlessly transitioning to the human team with detailed summaries and next steps;
  3. Organizing and indexing communication effectively using tags;
  4. Continuously improve with guidance from human experts;
  5. Generating detailed insights about customers and areas for improvement.

Contact ( to build your own hybrid team to unleash the growth potential of your business.

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